Combining Therapies Can Better Help Smokers Quit

The results of a new study is showing that smokers that have combined the powers of the two leading medications against smoking can improve the chances of quitting. The new study has supported that the use of varenicline and bupropion may be better than those who are using nicotine patches alone.

Why Vaping is the Lesser Evil

Electronic cigarettes have become popular and a fast-rising alternative to smoking. This could be the reason why Wisconsin is seriously considering to exempt vapers from the state-wide indoor smoking ban. But, not all jurisdictions share the same sentiment with Wisconsin. Big cities like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles are banning the use of electronic cigarettes in places where smoking is disallowed.

Why We Should Trust Electronic Cigarettes?

For the last fifty years we have learned a great deal about the evils of smoking. Since the Surgeon General made the seminal report back in 1964 the way we looked at cigarettes changed ever since. We know that smoking is related to at least 12 kind of cancer, diabetes, heart problems, lung health issues and even erectile dysfunction.

Despite Negative Reports Electronic Cigarette Sales Unaffected

Despite Negative Reports Electronic Cigarette Sales Unaffected

Last week a report said a new study shows that vaping does not help smokers get rid of the addiction. Some sectors think that the report could dent the goal of the vaping industry to make it big. Experts earlier posited that the industry will overtake conventional tobacco in 10 years. The report could prove a serious dent in the ability of electronic cigarettes to help smokers quit.

Or is it?

Are Electronic Cigarettes The Best Way To Quit Smoking?

Do you wonder if electronic cigarettes can help you quit? This is a very valid question and it is good to ask such questions.

There have been queries about this after learning from other smokers regarding their experience on electronic cigarettes. The popularity and to some extent endorsement from celebrities have gave birth to an interest to vaping. Vaping has exploded into a phenomenon with astronomical sales not seen in past years. Of course, electronic cigarettes have not been that long. Back to the question. Are electronic cigarettes the best way to quit smoking?

Electronic Cigarettes Can Help But Health Experts Express Worry

Electronic cigarettes have been gaining ground around the world and not just in the United States. In 2013, the global sales of electronic cigarettes have reached epic proportions. It reached $2.5 billion which is way above expectations. The sales are expected to double by the end of 2015 and soon it is pegged that electronic cigarettes will out sell conventional cigarettes by 2023. Financial experts expect that electronic cigarettes will eventually become a $325-billion industry with sales of more than $80 billion per year.